Air-Brite Cones - Aircraft Interior Deodorizer Air Brite Cone

The toughest aircraft interior odor killer on the market is also the lowest priced. For only pennies a day, you can freshen up any aircraft lavatory or interior space with one of our Air-Brite Cones. Air driven, there are no hidden costs such as batteries, and it stays active for thirty days. At a price that destroys the competition, you can't go wrong with the best aircraft interior odor killer in the world.

The powerful Air-Brite Odor Counteractant Cone works on a state of the art filtering process that eliminates unpleasant aircraft interior odors. Unlike other air fresheners that just cover up rank smells, Air-Brite attacks and destroys offending aircraft interior odors, replacing them with a fresh, clean scent. The Air-Brite Cone is easy to install, controls fragrance release and intensity, and is biodegradable.

Air-Brite Cones are a pleasantly scented aircraft interior odor neutralizer that controls odor for up to 30 days. The Air-Brite Cone conveniently fits in a bracket that can be suspended in any discreet location within the aircraft interior. This product can be used in aircraft lavatories or anywhere that within the aircraft interior where odor is a consistent problem.

Air Brite Cone Holders (ABC-H) Air-Brite Cone Holders

A small plastic bracket designed to hold our Air-Brite Cones. The bracket is pre-drilled with two screw holes for easy mounting, or it can be adhered anywhere odor is a problem with double sided tape.

The disk conveniently fits in a bracket that can be suspended in a discreet location. This product can be used in aircraft lavatories or anywhere that odor is a constant problem.

SANI-PAK® Powder Mirabowl Q Lavatory System Cleaner

The Sani-Pak® brand is today recognized worldwide as the benchmark in aircraft lavatory chemical deodorants, and Sani-Pak® powder is the grandfather of these chemicals. Unlike other powder products, Sani-Pak® uses two types of water soluble film for optimum solubility. The single-use biodegradable packets are pre-measured for drop-in convenience for treatment of toilets.

Conforms to:

  • Boeing D6-17487
  • AMS 1476B
  • Douglas Customer Service #3
  • Air Canada 3125-00-002 Microbial Test.

Mirabowl Q Lavatory System Cleaner Mirabowl Q Lavatory System Cleaner

Mirabowl Q stands alone as the only effective 15 hour aircraft lavatory system cleaner and deodorizer. By combining aggressive cleaning agents found to be effective in eliminating bacteria, we have implemented a state of the art technology to create Mirabowl Q - the most cost effective aircraft lav system maintenance cleaner in the world today. The difference between Mirabowl Q and all other aircraft lav cleaners is that it also contains water softeners, burnishing agents and other active ingredients which protect the entire system from fouling and calcification. This means that all o-rings, hoses, seals, and other parts of the system are protected and require less maintenance than when exposed to other products. It is no longer necessary to use up to five different types of aircraft cleaners to accomplish what Mirabowl Q does alone.

Major advantages in cost savings are accomplished with 95% less unscheduled maintenance on the entire system, along with once a day servicing of aircraft, instead of servicing aircraft at every touchdown. The tremendous savings in less downtime and manpower will be impacted on a daily basis. As hard as this may be to believe, it is confirmed by our network of devoted customers.

Conforms to:

  • Boeing D6-17487
  • AMS 1452B
  • CSD-3
  • W.H.O. Requirements
  • Air Canada 3125-00-002 Microbial Test.