Pitot Probe Installation Tools

Pitot Cover Installation Tool Pitot Cover Installation Tool

Durable yet lightweight pole allows installation or our probe covers with limited use of ladders or man lifts. Personnel stay safely on the ground and easily install or remove covers.


  • Durable non-corrosive anodized aluminum pole.
  • Telescoping pole retracts for easy storage.
  • Custom lengths available.
  • Delrin stand-off prevents metal to metal contact.
  • Lightweight aluminum pole and head construction weighs only 3 pounds.
  • Mechanical clutch ensures telescoping pole will not slip length.
  • Mechanical stop ensures the pole halves will not separate.
  • Soft alloy "vertical uprights" designed to yield preventing damage to the probe or aircraft.

Part Numbers:

  • IP100, Tool extends from 80" to 152".
  • IP100-SP24, Tool is approximately 24" in length.
  • IP100-SP39-72, Tool extends from 39" to 72".
  • IP100-SP46-82, Tool extends from 48" to 82".
  • IP100SP57-108, Tool extends from 57" to 108".
  • IP100-XL, Tool extends from 80" to 152".